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4 Stars for LoveStuck

'LoveStuck: A New Musical' has had a successful run at The Cockpit with positive responses from audiences and critics alike. It even received **** from London Theatre 1, who described it as "an extremely well-written and produced theatrical event", The Theatre Twins, who called it "charming [and] very current", as well as from the Musical Theatre Review.

Luke in particular received a number of positive comments for his performance as Jake. The Reviews Hub noted that "de Belder makes Jake a clear audience favourite from the start" and The Theatre Twins commented that Luke displayed "a beautiful range of skill [giving] you everything you want from a male leading role rather than a supporting".

The show was Written and Directed by Adam Wollerton with Music and Lyrics by PJ Nielsen, and also starred Matthew Lee, Kathryn Kitchener, Bryn Cash, Kelly Renders, Samuel Peters, Topher Lynn, and Malcolm Jeffries.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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